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Our goal is predicability.  We figure that should begin with our work.

We have built a system and network which more simple and more efficient than a traditional practice, and helps us to help us keep our overall fees low.  Additionally, we do not mark-up, or resell, the buildings we coordinate; we work with you to buy direct from the factories, builders and suppliers.

Our fees, charged during our adaptation and permitting stages, are always less than 10% of the total project budget.  This includes:

  • complete design of your building, inside and out
  • all of the structural engineering
  • the mechanical engineering and plumbing design
  • the energy calculations required in most states
  • the interior design
  • coordination for the whole project, including the permitting, the work with our suppliers
  • and assistance during construction/fabrication 

Our fees are fixed, and we do not charge for small revisions, adjustments, changes, or added scopes of work during the project.  We invoice 6 progress payments over milestones along the path towards the construction of the project.