the feasibility analysis

our first step.  no big commitments.  just information.

we work with all of our clients to initially evaluate their projects.  we call this process the feasibility analysis.  working together.....

  • we provide you with a complete list of the specifications for your home.  adjusted for your tastes.
  • we prepare a complete and thorough cost analysis.  the whole sh'bang. the complete project.
  • we provide you with at least two suppliers for your project.  imagine....bidding a prefab with multiple factories
  • we report on the permit process for building on your property.  the not-so-fun part.

we charge $3,000 for all this work, and it takes about 2 to 4 weeks, or as long as you would like it to take.  here's the order form 

we do this work for a lot of folks who are working out the details of the land deal.

we can help you create a vision for your property, and there's no commitment beyond this step.  all of the work is yours.

let's talk more about how this process might be useful to your efforts.